• Small Group Counseling
    Small group counseling is offered for all students who may be experiencing a difficult time in school. The students are brought into thr group session for 6-8 sessions. The groups take place during the school day.
    Group topics include:
    Dealing with Anger Positively
    Dealing with Divorce/Separation
    Dealing with Grief
    Social Skills
    Establishing Good Bounadries
    Handling Anxiety
    Building Self Esteem
    Making Friends
    Dealing with Trauma 
    If you would like for your child to be in a group, please contact me and I will help you to decide which group would be most appropriate for your child. Once we have spoken, I will then send home a Consent for Counseling Form. Please sign the form and send it back with your child. I must have your written consent prior to working with your child.