• Spanish 2

    Coach Rod


    Welcome to Spanish 2! The purpose of this class to to help you acquire early intermediate level understanding, speaking, reading, and writing of Spanish and to continue your study of Spanish-speaking cultures.


    Goals: Your goals by the end of the first semester are to be able to write a 120-word narrative essay in Spanish in 10 minutes; to read a 1,600 story in Spanish; and to be able to tell a 10-sentence off the top of your head in fluent Spanish--all without a dictionary.  I will give you a list of the Spanish vocabulary you are responsible for knowing by the end of the semester.

    Materials needed:

    1. A composition notebook, folder, and tape.
    2. Shared supplies:

    1st: map pencils 5th: notebook paper

    3rd: box of tissue 6th: markers

    4th: pencils


    50% daily work/ quizzes

    50% test and projects

    Failing Grade Policy:

    Any failing grade or zero on any assignment or test must be redone for a better grade before I turn in grades. Any participation grade that need to be made up must also be done before I turn in grades.

    Tardies: You are considered tardy to class if you are not in your seat when the bell rings with your supplies. Your electronic device should be in your backpack.  Your parents will be notified, and if the problem is ongoing, you will have disciplinary action.

    Speaking Policy

    If Coach Rod asks a question in Spanish, you must try your best to answer in Spanish. I will modify the question to help achieve you answering in Spanish. If you MUST say something in English, first ask, “En inglés, por favor?