Not Seen, Not Heard, Not Taken

Mrs. Bray's Cell Phone/Electronic Policy

  • Our campus-wide policy that will be strictly enforced is:
    NOT Seen, NOT Heard, NOT Taken!
    Technology is a tool that can enhance student learning. However, because of the nature of our current cell phone-reliant society, smart phones have become more of a distraction that hinders student focus and comprehension. Therefore, students will only be allowed to use their cell phones for specific, and approved, educational purposes. For the duration of class time, ALL devices  (including smart watches, earbuds, etc.) should be turned off and stored in the students' backpacks. Students may not have their electronics in their pockets, in their laps, anywhere on their person (i.e. pants or jacket pockets), or on their desks. 
    Students will be permitted to use the "charging station" at the front of my room during class, but phones are to remain in the pockets for the duration of the entire class and may only be retrieved at the end of class or if an emergency situation arises. 
    This policy also means that you will not be able to reach your student by cell phone when he/she is in my classroom. If you have an emergency, please call the front office at 281-245-3000, and they will connect you with my classroom phone (extension 4205) or send a note to your student. If there is an extenuating circumstance, students should speak to me at the beginning of class. I understand emergency situations, as I have had my fill, and understand the need to get a quick response. 
    (Extenuating circumstances may include needing the phone for medical purposes, such as checking blood sugar, or other such things as an immediate family member in the hospital but does not include events such as picking up someone early for an orthodontist appointment. Our attendance office can reach us anytime necessary.)
    If there is some kind of emergency on campus, such as a fire alarm or non-scheduled drill, students will be allowed to have their phones.
    Students who do not comply will have their devices taken away for the class period. Repeat offenders’ devices will be turned into the front office and will be returned to a parent upon payment of a $15 fee.
    Research about the effects of cell phones in the classroom: