Practice makes perfect.
  • Parents,

    Your child's homework will consist of reading their Guided Reading book, which will come home M-Th in their binder. (This will not start until the middle of September.) Please read with your child daily and have him/her retell you the events of the story in order. Ask your child questions about the story to help them build their understanding of the text: What connections did you make?, What did you like/ dislike about your book and why?, What did this book remind you of and why?  Once your child has read their book and discussed it with you, please sign the literacy log in their binder. Your child will also have a weekly spelling list that will be sent home every Monday. They will have a spelling test on these words every Friday. Lastly, your child will recieve handwriting homework two days per week. These will be sent home in the middle of September.There may be other homework as well in Math, Science, and Social Studies, please check the binder daily, it will have all the information you need! If your child needs homework supplies, please let me know!


    Mrs. Hernandez