Grading Policy

  • Grading Distribution:

    Daily Grades/Class Work/Labs 70%

    Major Grades/Projects 30%


    Daily Grades/Work:
    Grades for daily work will consist of notebook checks, weekly warm ups, and other assignments completed in class only.

    • Notebook Grades: All notebook work will be completed in class, and students will have ample time to do so. Any work that is not completed in class must be completed as homework and returned to the student's notebook. Notebooks will be graded periodically.
    • Weekly Warm-ups: Warm-ups will be completed throughout the week and will be turned in Friday for a grade. All warm-ups will be posted to my google classroom for any student who was absent or needs to make up their warm up for the week. 


    All labs will be completed in class and students will be given time to do so. Students may complete lab reflection questions/follow up responses at home, but lab activities/experiments must be completed in class. Due to scheduling conflicts, absent students will not be able to make up labs and will instead be given an alternate assignment to complete as homework.


    Projects will be assessed based on a rubric that will be provided to students when the project is assigned. Students will have time in class to complete projects. Any unfinished projects must be completed as homework. 


    Quizzes and tests will take place every unit and will be announced ahead of time. Students will receive reviews before test dates and parents will be sent a copy of the review via Skyward email to help students study.

    Make-Up Policy:

    Students making below an 89 or below on any daily assignments will have an opportunity to attend tutorials for reteaching. When this is completed, the student will be given the assignment to complete again (daily work), or schedule a time to retest (quizzes/tests).


    Late Work Policy:

    1 day late   -10 points

    2 or more days late -10 points per day