• United States Government

    Instructor: Coach Burns Room A221-1st & 2nd periods, A219-3rd period, and A207 4TH PERIOD


    Purpose:  In this course, you will study the history of the United States Government beginning with the early settlers and taking it all the way to the present. The historical content focuses on the political, economic, and social events and issues related to industrialization and urbanization, major wars, domestic and foreign policies of the Cold War and post Cold War eras, and reform movements including civil rights. You will examine the modern governmental structure, will examine the impact of Constitutional issues on American society, evaluate the dynamic relationship of the 3 branches of the federal government, and analyze efforts to expand the democratic process. You will use critical thinking skills to explain and apply different methods that historians use to interpret the past, including points of view and historical governmental bias.

    Materials Required:

    Pens – blue or black ink

    Notebook paper or spiral for notes

    Grading Policy:

    Daily work/Homework/Quizzes 50%

    Tests and major projects 50%

    Tutorials:  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday-6:45-7:15, and by appt.

    Make-Up Work: It is your responsibility to get your make-up work assignments and due dates. This is to be done before or after school. It is also your responsibility to get any notes missed. If you are present for the unit or chapter or material and are only absent for the test itself, you will be required to take the test on the day you return to class or receive a zero. If you are present for the unit or chapter or material and are only absent for the review day, you will still be required to take the test on the scheduled test day along with the rest of the class. Make-up tests will be given before or after school as instructed by me. It may /may not be the same test that was given in class.


    Late Work:

    10 points deducted from papers turned in after they have been collected on that day.

    20 points deducted from work that is two day late.

    30 points deducted from work that is three days late.


    Cheating is defined as giving or receiving information on test or quizzes, copying homework assignments, or giving or receiving in other areas that I have specified that you work alone. A grade of zero will be recorded for work on which you have cheated. The incident will then be reported to the appropriate Assistant Principal so that disciplinary action can be taken.

    Class Guidelines:

    1.               P – Punctuality: You will be in the classroom, seated, and working on your focus activity with all required class materials by the time the bell rings and turning in work on time.

    2.               R – Respect: You will show respect to school property and cause no damage; show respect to your classmates by keeping hands and feet to yourself, talking to classmates in a nice tone of voice and using only school appropriate language; and show respect to your teacher by following instructions, listening and working at the appropriate times, using a nice tone of voice and appropriate language when talking to your teacher.

    3.               I – Integrity: You will do the right thing even when no one is watching, do all your work independently even homework, and work on tests and writing assignments on your own, and show respect to the property of others.

    4.               D – Determination You will complete all work (even the hard stuff), turn in work on time, and support your classmates.

    5.               E – Excellence You will always give your best effort, actively participate, work to your full potential, complete assignments and projects on time and to the best of your ability.


    1.   Teacher praise

    2.   Good grades

    3.   Respect of others and yourself


    1.   Warning by teacher

    2.   Parent contact

    3.   Teacher detention and parent contact

    4.   Office Referral

    Students are expected to behave in a mature manner in an effort to allow for the maximum amount of learning to take place. Students who consistently hinder the learning environment will be sent to the office. Major infractions (fighting, harming yourself or others, insubordination, theft, cheating, etc…) will be sent to the appropriate AP office immediately.

    Come to my class ready to learn, discuss, and present in various ways the rich history of our great country!!!

    Go Sharks!!