Google Classroom


    This year our class will be using Google Classroom in and out of the classroom.

    Below is a informaton of how students will utilize this technology throughout the year. 



    Student Expectations

    1. Students will be responsible for uploading homework assignments, journal entries, selected classwork and more  to Google Classroom weekly for a grade. 
    2. Students may bring their own device to math class and use it for various activities on Google Classroom.
    3. A Limited Amount of Technology will be provided in the Classroom.
    4. Students who do not have access to upload information must make arrangements with Mrs. Jones. 
    5. Students must follow the classroom BYOD Policies set forth by the teacher. ( CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION) 


    How to Join Google Classroom

    1. Go to  classroom. google.com  or download the google classroom app

    2. Type your credentials

    Username: studentid#@students.alivinisd.net

    Password: first initial last initial+year of birth +00

    3. Click the  plus sign 

    4. Select Join Class.   

    5. Use the class code below associated with your class period 



    1st Period: sxwuboq                       3rd Period: aovcdqg                4th Period:mmxxkg


    5th Period: y80z16x                       6th Period: 6607xq                 7th Period: r2b0k9u



    For More information about how to Parent Notifications from Google Classroom here