• Texas History Syllabus

    Ronald McNair Junior High – School Year 2018-2019

    Texas History

    Room B211

    Mr. R. Garcia


    The historical content for the 7th grade school year focuses on the social, economic, political, and geographical events and issues that shaped our great state. The primary goal of this course is to focus on preparing students to be successful in Texas History. To prepare students for this class we will move at a rigorous pace with many transitions within one class period. I have incorporated many hands on activities and assignments to prepare students for success. My secondary goal is to prepare students for the 8th grade. Last, another major focus of this course is for students to examine the rights and responsibilities of citizens of the United States, as well as understanding the importance of effective leadership in a democratic society.


    Supplies REQUIRED for this class- If unique circumstances exist in acquiring the following supplies please contact me.

    One (1) five subject notebook for the “interactive student notebook”. All notes and many class room assignments will be held in this notebook. **One five subject notebook should last all year if utilized efficiently**


    Because we use a lot of different material in Social Studies class I ask that each student buy at least 1 item from the list below to be left in the room for all to use.


    Glue sticks

    One box of markers – skinny or fat

    1 box of map pencils

    One (1) box of Tissue, or Hand Sanitizer for class use

    Class room expectations

     Always be:

    Prompt- Tardiness is unacceptable unless the student has a signed pass or a unique circumstance that requires immediate attention

    Respectful- Show respect towards yourself and others.

    Example- DO NOT TALK while I am teaching

    Prepared- Organization and academic readiness are essential for success. Students must be prepared to work from bell to bell.

    Present- Pay attention and be prepared to PARTICIPATE!

    Productive- Complete all assignments in the time allotted

    Polite- Be respectful and considerate of people and property. Be nice to everyone.

    Bring your own device- Technology will be utilized at the teacher’s academic discretion. Any violation of Alvin ISD’s BYOD technology guidelines will result in the student losing technology privileges in class.



    Major Grades- 50%- Unit Exams, writing assignments, projects

    Daily Grades- 50% -Quizzes, notebook grades, quick writing assignments, in class work


    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at rxgarcia@alvinisd.net