• Syllabus

    World Geography Syllabus 2018-2019

    Instructor: Meagan Bunker CM222 281-245-3000 Ext: 2722 or mbunker@alvinisd.net

    Course Description: World Geography examine people, places, and environments at local, regional, national and international levels from the spatial and ecological perspectives.  A global perspective on the world and its people, places, cultural conflicts are among the broad topics addressed in World Geography.

    Materials Needed:


    pencils, Pen
    Spiral notebook (70 count)
    Map Pencils (box of at least 12)
    Highlighters (4 colors)

    2 inch Binder

    Grading Policy:

    Major grades – 50% (Tests, essays, projects, etc.; at least 2 per six weeks)

    Minor grades – 50% (Maps, worksheets, articles, quizzes, participation, homework, etc.

    (Quizzes assess whether or not students are keeping up with the assigned readings. They can be unannounced, and may be at the beginning or end of the period.) Papers with no names are ZEROS


    Cheating: There is an honor code in this class.  All students are expected to abide by it.  Any form of cheating, which includes telling other students what is on tests, essays, quizzes, etc., will not be tolerated.  Copying other students’ work is also considered cheating.  Will result in a zero.

    Late Assignments:  15 pts first day late, 20 pts second day late and 30 pts on the third day. After the third day late the assignment will not be taken and the student will receive a Zero.  

    Make-up Work: This is the student’s responsibility. All make-up work and exams will be completed outside of the regular class time.

    MAJOR ASSIGNMENTS:  Exams and essays should be taken within one week of the original exam date, and it is the student’s responsibility to make the arrangements, as well as to show up on the agreed upon date.  Research papers and projects are due on the due date, except in the case of extreme circumstances (death in the family, hospitalization, etc.).

    If a student is absent, he/she may email the assignment as an attachment, or the parents may

    Tardy policy: 3 tardies in a week will result in a teacher detention.

    Classroom rules:

    Follow all rules provided in the school student handbook.

    Intolerant or disrespectful remarks regarding other people’s views, beliefs, opinion, culture, or lifestyle is not an acceptable behavior in this classroom.  This will result in letters of apology or detentions at a minimum.

    Come to class prepared (pen, binder, paper, book, etc.) and ready to begin work when the bell rings.

    Restroom use should be done before class.  You will receive two passes to use during a nine weeks grading period. Once they are used you MAY NOT leave the classroom for any reason.


    Cell Phones and other electronic devices: NOT SEEN , NOT HEARD, NOT TAKEN

    Tutoring: Tutoring is available Monday-Friday 6:45-7:15. Monday- Wednesday 2:50-3:30   If needed a student can schedule others times. Will also be available during Power Hour>>>see attachment



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