Steps to become a Certified Coach

    1. Complete the GENERAL ORIENTATION Training and comeplete the FORM.

    2. Complete the PROTECTIVE BEHAVIORS Training.

    3. Complete a BACKGROUND CHECK.

    4. Fill out a Class A Volunteer FORM.

    5. Complete the Concussions in Sports TRAINING.

    6. Attend a sport specific coaches training offered through Special Olympics Texas.

    Maintaining Your Coaches Certification

    1. Annually, receive Area Conference changes from HOD. The Area Conference includes rule changes, policies and procedures, new sports, the calendar of events, etc. for Coaches to stay updated.
    2. Remain active in the Special Olympics program in the specific sport(s) selected.  An absence of more than 12 months will result in a lapse of certification and require the coach to attend another training school.  Examples of remaining active in the sport include, but are not limited to, practicing with a team in the sport; conducting clinics in the sport; attending TAPHERD conferences or other organizations where sports are a main focus; participating in sports competitions; or serving as a training clinic sports clinician.
    3. Attend all required coaches meetings for the sport in which they are active.
    4. Every three years, the coach must attend the Protective Behaviors and Concussion in Sports training and submit a new Class A Volunteer Application.


    Contact Us: specialolympics@alvinisd.net