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  • Did you know that the average student loses 2 months of reading progress over the summer? Reading over the summer is crucial to student success in the fall. Students who "Get Caught Reading" this summer can significantly reduce the decline in reading abilities that tend to slip during summer break. 

    • The amount of time students spend reading is the most important contributor to their reading proficiency.

    • Reading for at least 10 minutes per day will increase a student's overall reading proficiency level and vocabulary.

    • Re-reading favorite books builds fluency and a love of books.

    • Choose books that hold your interest, answer a question, or teach you something new. Choose books that aren't too hard, aren't too easy, but are just right for you as a reader. 

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  • If a student READS a book, completes a postcard, and returns it to their school in the month of June, they will receive a Golden Ticket to Splashway Waterpark in Sheridan, TX.

    Golden Ticket