• April 1, 2022


    Alvin ISD Summer Screenings:


    The Alvin ISD Advanced Academics department will conduct screenings for private school and homeschool students for possible GT testing. The screenings are available on the following dates: July 18-21. Screening time slots are available from 8:15-noon each day in 45-minute increments.


    Depending on the outcome of the screening, a student may qualify to participate in GT testing on July 26, 27, and 28. GT testing is a three-day process with one hour of testing each day for students entering first and second grade in the fall. For students entering grades 3 and higher, the testing occurs all in one day.


    If your child is newly enrolled in Alvin ISD and entering first through fifth grade in the fall, the district will conduct a summer screening on your child. This applies to students who have never attended public school. In order to have your child screened, the student must be enrolled in an Alvin ISD elementary school. Parents also must complete the “GT Student Referral Form” located HERE. Students must be enrolled and have a confirmed grade placement from their campus before scheduling the GT screening.  If you are interested in having your child screened, please contact Patty Hammer at 281-245-3430 or Amanda Smith at 281-245-3431, to schedule an appointment.


    Parents of newly enrolled private or home school students who do not go through the summer screening process must indicate when enrolling their child that they would like to have their child screened for GT. All screenings and/or testing will occur within the first few weeks of school. After that time, student testing will occur during the spring testing. Alvin ISD will conduct GT summer screenings once for a child.