Mandatory Tutorial Letter

  • Mandatory Tutorial Notice


    You have been assigned tutorial due to a failing grade or a need to make up assignments or get extra help. Attendance is mandatory. You must report to your teacher’s classroom PROMPTLY and bring your classroom materials with you in order for your time to be productive. Failure to attend tutorial WILL result in an office referral in coherence to Alvin ISD policy. 

    Student’s Name:___________________________________ Grade: ____________ Teacher’s Name: _____________________________________________________

    Your Scheduled appointment day(s) & time are ___________________ Wednesday Tutorials: 3pm - 4pm  
                                                                                                            Morning Tutorials: 6:40am - 7:08am (by appointment)

    Assignments that need to be made up: ________________________________________________________________________

    Make-up Work for Absences: Upon return to class, students shall be granted two class days to make up each day of class work missed.

    A maximum of ten class days may be granted for this purpose.

    The makeup period for each class starts upon return to that class.

    Receiving of assignments and make-up work is the student's responsibility to initiate.