• Frequently Asked Questions
    What number do I call for information when a bus does not arrive at the expected time?
    It is normal for most bus routes to experience some variation in their schedule due to traffic, weather conditions, potential mechanical or safety issues, and other factors. Ordinarily, buses will arrive at their scheduled stops no more than 10 minutes before or after their scheduled arrival time. When a bus is not on time, parents are encouraged to address their questions directly to the district's Dispatch Call Center, as the dispatchers have direct communication with the drivers during their routes.

    The direct number to Dispatch is 281-585-3701.
    Where can I receive school bus route information for the Alvin ISD?
    Pleae visit our Bus Route Information page Transfinder

    Is school bus service for regular education programs required in the state of Texas?
    No. There is no state requirement entitling students to transportation service. For the most part, however, school districts (including Alvin ISD) have established and operate economical school transportation systems.

    Is every student who attends the Alvin schools eligible to ride a bus?
    No. The transportation center only provides regular education transportation to students who reside beyond two miles from their school of attendance based upon their home address. The exception to this policy is for special needs students' individual education plan and areas within the two-mile limit where children may be subjected to hazardous traffic conditions.

    Do school bus routes go down every road or stop in front of every child's residence?
    No. The size of the district (250 square miles) and the miles we must drive does not permit this for regular education service. bus routes may be extended for an eligible student who lives half-mile or more off the regular bus route. Our dispatchers can advise you as to whether your home is on an established bus route and where the bus stop is located.

    Is there a specific time I can expect my child to be picked up or dropped off?
    All bus routes are scheduled for specific times with a ten-minute variance due to traffic, weather or other unforeseen delays or situations.

    Are there rules that children must follow while aboard a school bus?
    Yes. The Alvin ISD Bus Rider Rules and Regulations Agreement outlines the expected behavior of our children and is available in each school's student handbook.

    If my child is having a disciplinary problem on the school bus, who should I call?
    Bus safety and discipline issues are managed by the Director of Transportation. Any questions or concerns reference a students safety or discipline should be addressed to the transportation center.

    How can I meet or speak with my child's bus driver?
    Our staff, including school bus drivers attend the school open houses and we encourage our drivers and parents to talk by phone when there are concerns or questions.

    What requirements are there to become a school bus driver?
    All school bus drivers in the state of Texas must be properly licensed (Commercial Drivers License) and certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety. In addition, they must have an acceptable driving and criminal history record, annual physical examination, participate in the district drug/alcohol drug screening program and an acceptable level of knowledge and skill regarding the safe operation of school buses. We have a comprehensive training program (40+ hours) for our new entry drivers and an on-going continuing education and recertification program. In addition, all drivers and monitors must pass a physical performance test 

    Where would my child be taken in the event we are unable to deliver to an established bus stop due to weather-related conditions, road closures or no one is home?
    If we are unable to deliver your child home on the afternoon bus route, they will be taken to the transportation center.