• Checkouts Allowed:

    • Kindergarten - One Book
    • First Grade - 2-3 Books
    • 2nd-5th - 3 books


    Overdue Books:

    Students will receive a verbal notification if they have an overdue book when they come weekly to check out books.  If a student has an overdue book, he/she can’t check out until the overdue book is returned.  


    Damaged Books:

    If a book is returned damaged beyond repair, students will be responsible for payment of the book. Books that have need to be paid for may have these:  excessive pages ripped, missing pages, excessively marked up, spine is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, book is wet/stained.


    If the book is repairable, he/she will be assessed a fine (see below for specific fines).  Students with damaged book fines can’t check out until the fine is paid for.

    • Ripped pages that can be repaired:  5% of the cost of the book
    • Writing on inside of the book that doesn’t affect the reading of the book:  5% of the cost of the book



    Students can check with the library staff to find out times in the day that we have open checkout.  Each day is different, so they will need to check with the staff.  But, our goal is that we are a library on a need basis.  If a student needs a book and doesn’t have any outstanding fines/overdues, we want them to be able to get a book.  They will need to bring their library lanyard to the library during these times since this is their library pass.