• AISD Magnet Academic Program Goals:



    The AISD Magnet Academic Program offers an accelerated curriculum that will include the level of rigor needed for our students to be successful in advanced secondary course work.  In addition, the program will focus on creating perpetual learners and nurture individual abilities and talents.

     All 5th grade students in Alvin ISD are considered for acceptance into the Magnet Academic Program (MAP).  Students may qualify for one or both components of MAP.  The two components are Math/Science and Humanities (Language Arts and Social Studies).

    MAP is currently housed at all Alvin ISD junior high campuses.

    MAP is a 3 year program only at the junior high level.  MAP Offers: 

    • Accelerated (Math/Science) Curriculum

    • Integrated (Humanities) Curriculum

    • MAP consists of two segments: Math/Science and Humanities (language arts/social studies).  

    • Each segment has independent qualifying standards.

    2021 Information Letter regarding the program and placement process