• Coach Dunham
    Room B205

    World Geography- PAP

    Welcome to World Geography! We are going to take a trip around the world and see how and where people live.


    - To determine what geography is, and how it can be evaluated. 
    - To understand and describe the Five Themes of Geography.
    - To study and compare various regions and cultures.   
    - To explore the economic impact of geography. 
    - To learn how geography has shaped history and cultures. 
    - To examine the causes of the various challenges faced by different peoples in different locations, and how individuals/groups resolved these challenges. 
    - To understand the impact of technology and inventions/discoveries of geography. 
    - To evaluate the patterns of geographical change and establish theories about the current and future status of the world. 

    Units of Study

     Unit 1: Introduction to Geography and Mapping
     Unit 2: Geographer's Toolbox
     Unit 3: Climate and Weather
     Unit 4: Agriculture
     Unit 5: Political and Economic Geography 
     Unit 6:  Population and Migration
     Unit 7: Industry 
            Unit 8: Urbanization 
            Unit 9: Culture: Religion, Ethnicity, and Language 
    What you will need for this class:
    1. 1" Binder
    2. Five dividers
    3. Pens/Pencils
    4. Map (Colored) Pencils

    I will NOT provide/loan these supplies during class, so please come to class prepared each day.


    Student Expectations
    ~RESPECT yourself, others, teacher, and any guests we may have. 
    ~Use hands, feet, words, materials, etc. appropriately. 
    ~Be to class ON TIME, with books and materials, ready to learn! 
    ~Follow the Social Contract! 
    ~Display your Manvel Maverick PRIDE!!! 
    1st violation of rules= verbal warning   3rd violation of rules= parent contact 
    2nd violation of rules= teacher detention  4th violation of rules= referral to office for punishment

     50%-Major Grades
     50%-Daily Grades

    * Students will receive a minimum of one grade per week and a minimum of three major grades per nine-week grading period. 
    Grades Expectations- Tests, quizzes, and other assignments will be challenging and will require higher level thinking. If students have questions concerning their grades in general or grades on specific assignments, they may address these concerns during my scheduled tutorial times before or after school. 
    Tests, essays, and projects- Students will take multiple choice and essay tests throughout the semester. Students will also write essays to enhance their writing skills and to engage in higher-level thinking. There will be many projects throughout the semester that will be discussed in greater length as they are assigned.  All essays and projects will be turned in typed. If students do not have access to a computer at home, they may get a pass to type it in the library before or after school or at lunch. 
    Homework- All homework is due the next school day, unless otherwise instructed. Homework is due at the beginning of class in the assigned homework bin--- not during class!!! 
    Make-up Work- I will have designated tutorial times (TBA) for students to come in for any work missed while not in class. Students will have the opportunity to make-up quizzes and test during that time.

    Students are responsible for getting their own make-up work, and making up any quizzes or tests they missed when they were absent. The student and I will set a date for quizzes and tests to be taken. If student does not make-up the quiz or test by that date, it becomes a zero.

    Plagiarism- Plagiarism is a very serious offense and will be dealt with accordingly. In order to maintain the integrity of this class and of the students, plagiarized work will be given a grade of a zero and student will not be given an opportunity to make-up. Students should ask if they are unsure about plagiarism.

    Devices: Devices will be used in this class from time to time.. If a student does not have their own device, they may check out a laptop or Kindle from the library each day. On days we are not using devices they need to be put away. Devices will be taken up and turned into the office if they are out on days we are not using them. 

    Tuesday and Thursday 6:45 to 7:15AM. Wednesday 2:50-3:30Afternoon tutorials by appointment. 

    Remind: Please join my World Geography Class Remind by texting @wgdunham to 81010.