• Ms. Starling's Syllabus

    Embedded in my syllabus is my list of necessary supplies, my Google Classroom codes, and my Remind Code. Please feel free to join. Students can use their Alvin ISD logins/passwords to access Google Classroom.  To view Syllabus, click HERE.


    Ms. Starling's Schedule 


    Mon / Thurs/ Fri

    8:40-9:34      1st Period

    9:38-10:32    2nd Period

    10:36-11:28  3rd Period

    11:32-1:15    4th Period [Planning Period]

    (Class including 30 min Lunch)

    1:19-2:12      5th Period

    2:16-3:09      6th Period

    3:13-4:05      7th Period


    Tue / Wed

    8:40-9:25      1st Period

    9:29-10:12   Power Time

    10:16-11:01   2nd Period

    11:05-11:50  3rd Period

    11:54-1:35    4th Period [Planning Period]

           (Class plus 30 min Lunch)

    1:39-2:27      5th Period

    2:31-3:16      6th Period

    3:20-4:05      7th Period


    **Conference times are during my planning periods on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays; or you may schedule a conference before/after school if no prior obligations have been planned.