• Read 5 and then Decide!


    This optional reading program focuses on engaging and challenging students in grades 3-6 to read high-quality books from different genres. Each year, 20 books are selected for the Bluebonnet Award Master List. Books may be novels, picture books, graphic novels, nonfiction and poetry, and all books are eligible for the Texas Bluebonnet Award (a student-choice award given to the winning author each spring.) Students are encouraged to read at least five Bluebonnet books and vote for their favorite in January.


    Because this list is intended for students in grades 3-6, it is important to consider your own child's age, reading abilities, and preferences when setting Bluebonnet reading goals. It is never a requirement of the school or teacher for students to read Bluebonnets. The decision to read Bluebonnets should ultimately be with the child. The intent of the Bluebonnet Reading Program is to encourage reading across a variety of genres, not require it.  This year we will be encouraging all students to read at least 5 books from the list.  This will allow students to have an opportunity to vote for their favorite if completed prior to the end of January.  READ 5 AND THEN DECIDE!

    We have a limited number of books on campus.  Students will be allowed to check out only one Bluebonnet book at a time and to keep it for one week.  Students are welcome to get the books from outside sources, such as, public library or retail establishments.  We will put books on hold if asked by a student.  Only one hold at a time to keep our lists manageable.   


    Alvin Elementary's Bluebonnet Reading Program:

    1. Students may read Bluebonnets independently, with a parent, or with a teacher.

    2. Students must pass the AR test* for each Bluebonnet with a 60% or higher for the Bluebonnet to count as "completed".

    3. Students must complete and turn in forms to the library or their language arts teacher when they complete Bluebonnets in increments of five (5, 10, 15, 20).

    4. Only the current year's Bluebonnet Master List books will count towards Bluebonnet voting, awards, and other incentives.

    *Some tests may not be in AR and may be taken on paper.


    From the Texas Library Association website (available at www.txla.org/TBA-about)


    The TBA selection committee is responsible for selection of the books on each year's master list. Suggestions are solicited from librarians, teachers, parents, students, and other interested persons. A new list of twenty books is released each year at the Texas Book Festival in October. In selecting titles, the committee considers student interests, relevant content, reputable reviews, and literary quality. Both fiction and nonfiction books are represented. The author must be a living U.S. citizen or an author who resides and publishes in the United States. Books considered for the master list must have been published in the United States. Only titles published within the three years prior to the master list release date are considered. Textbooks and new editions of existing titles are not eligible.
     2017-2018 Bluebonnet Reading Incentives

    5 BBs:

    By:  Friday,January 26th.

    You get to vote for your favorite book.

    By: Friday, May 4

      End of year ribbon and

    your name in a drawing to win an ipad.

    3rd grade - 10 BBs

    4th grade -  14 BBs
    5th grade - 17 BBs 

    By:  Friday, May 5

     End of year medal