• Google Classroom


    I am using Google Classroom to post class communications.  Students will want to check their Alvin ISD Gmail account (123456@students.alvinisd.net) frequently so that they do not miss out on announcements, assignments, etc.  (I can reset student passwords if needed.)


    I recommend that students check their email at least once a day.  Students MUST use their Alvin ISD Gmail account with Google Classroom!


    Login at classroom.google.com.  



    Parents:  While there is a limited parent component to Google Classroom, I suggest that parents also set up email forwarding on their student's Alvin ISD email account that will also send email communications to the parent's email as well.  This way, parents will be well-informed of all school-related emails that the student receives.

    1. On a computer, log into student's email account
    2. Click on the "gear" icon near the top right, then click "Settings"
    3. Click on "Forwarding and POP/IMAP"
    4. Click on "Add Forwarding Address", enter your email address, and click "Next" then click "Proceed"
    5. Enter the Confirmation Code (that is emailed to you) and click "Verify"
    6. Select "Forward a copy of incoming mail to [parent email] and "keep Mail's copy in the inbox"


    Click here for a video tutorial for setting up email forwarding.  (Google changes their platform periodically, so let me know if this process no longer works and updated instructions or video is needed.)