United States History Course Syllabus


    Rodeo Palms Jr. High

    Coach Carlin

    Email: mcarlin@alvinisd.net

    Course Description:

    In this course, the student will navigate through hundreds of years of the deep, dense, and rich history. By the end of the year, the student will further have a further understanding and appreciation for the history behind this unique country. The focus of this course is to analyze topics and realize the relevance of historical events that shaped United States into the country it is today. Remember, everything has a story, and it is my goal to create a dynamic learning environment committed to empowering each student to be a lover of learning.

    Big Goals:

    1.     As a class, we will become proficient learners of Texas History, averaging at least 80% on all assessments, tests, and papers.
    2.     100% of the class will be able to hold a conversation about a topic that pertains to the formation of the United States


    •       Some sort of editable calendar(PLANNER), that you will write down all assessments that need to be turned in
    •       Pencil, pen and composition notebook specifically for this course
    •       Index cards for our unit vocabulary brought to class daily


    Throughout each unit, you will be given various assignments that help you master the material given. Each unit the student will take multiple assessment quizzes; this is to help you gauge whether or not you need more instruction. At end of each unit there will be a unit test.

    Classroom Expectation of Coach Carlin:

    •        Respect for students – I will address you with respectful and encouraging words, while still expecting your best every day
    •        Expect greatness – I will respect your need to have a meaningful and engaging learning environment. I will provide feedback via grades in a timely manner.  

    Grading Breakdown PAP:

    •       45% Class assignments/Practices /Quizzes/ ISN grades/ Classroom discussions / Homework
    •       55% Tests/ Projects/ Essays / Vocabulary Tests(Group or individual)

    Grading Breakdown:

    •         50% Class assignments/Practices /Quizzes/ ISN grades/ Classroom discussions / Homework
    •         50% Tests/ Projects/ Essays / Vocabulary checks (Group or individual)


    Late work will be accepted, HOWEVER, there will be a 10-point deduction for each day the work is past due. For example if you turn in a paper three days past the due date, the highest possible grade you can receive will be 70%

    Makeup work policies:

    •       It is the responsibility of the student to find missing information. This information can be accessed via teachers website listed above. If you know you will be absent, please talk to me in advance so you will be on track when you return to class.
    •       If you are absent on the day of an exam you will have the option of making up the test at a later date.


    Rules for the class:                                                                                         Consequences:

    1.     Follow the Golden rule                                          1. Verbal warning
    2.     Be respectful to the class atmosphere                    2. Time after class
    3.     Take responsibility                                                3. 30 minutes required before school
    4.     Take care of school and personal property               4. Time before school/ parent called
    5.     Obey the procedures                                             5. All of the above + referral written

    Rewards:                    “The best reward is the satisfaction of a job well done”

    1.     Praise
    2.     Positive note home
    3.     We will do the weekly quiz as a class


    I will hold tutoring before school every Tuesday, and Thursday(8:05-8:40). Due to athletic time commitments, I will not be able to hold after school tutorials. However, if that is the only option for you then speak to me individually and we will work something out. If you feel you have any questions at all, I implore you to stop by for tutoring, I will be more than happy to help. Again, if these times don’t work for you I will try and make something work.

    Important Details:


    •       If you seem to be missing information, check the class website, google classroom, or email me. The students who do well, are the students who are most pro-active and ask plenty of questions


    Remind101: I have set up a remind101 account for each class, so please sign up

    •       Send a text message to 81010 with the message being @carlin1920