• Textbook Office CM 130 Office Suite

    Mrs. Kennard, Assistant Principal over textbooks

    Mrs. Montehermoso, Secretary, textbook distribution and collection, extension 2707


    Hours 7:00 am - 3:00 pm


    Textbook Room Location CM 153

    Issuing Books: At the beginning of each semester, textbooks are issued to students through their teachers or the textbook office by the accession # in each book.

    Student Responsibility: Books are furnished by the State of Texas. When the books are issued they then become the responsibility of that student. If the book becomes lost or damaged the student will have to pay for that textbook.

    Textbook Collection: All textbooks MUST be returned at the end of each semester, unless the student is in the class all year, the teacher assigned will let the students know.

    Students failing to pay for textbook debts will also be subject to the following:

    • Not being issued additional textbooks until the outstanding debt has been cleared
    • Not being eligible to participate in extracurricular or co-curricular activities (including field trips) until the outstanding debt has been cleared
    • Not being eligible for final exemption status
    • Not being able to participate in graduation ceremonies
    • Not being able to get a VOE (Verification of Enrollment)
    • Not being able to register for summer school