• Policies and Procedures

    Gateway to Technology 1 & 2 and Fundamentals of Computer Science

    Elizabeth Bobbitt - ebobbitt@alvinisd.net



    Materials for Class:

    • Items students will need bring to class every day:
      • Pencils 
      • USB/Thumb drive (at leaset 2GB) 
      • Earbuds/headphones (plug in type, no Bluetooth -- can find them at Dollar Store, Walmart)
      • Tape (wrapping paper tape)
      • Scissors (student size)
      • Engineering notebook (provided by district)
      • Spiral Notebook for Comp Sci classes only
      • Personal hand sanitizer and Kleenex
    • For the class - Wish List:
      • hand sanitizer (large)
      • roll of paper towels
      • disinfecting wipes
      • Klennex
      • printer paper

    Tardy Policy:

    I will follow school policy. Students need to be in the classroom and in their seat, working on warm up, when the bell rings.  



    I will follow school procedures/policies.  Students should go to the restroom during class change times only.  If it is an emergency or for medical reason, students will follow the MJH 10/10 rule.  Can not leave the classroom during the first 10 minutes of class and can not leave the classroom during the last 10 minutes of class. 


    Class Dismissal:

    All equipment will need to be put away before students will be dismissed. I will dismiss the class, not the bell. Students are not allowed to stand at the door waiting for the bell. Students need to be in their assigned seat until class is dismissed. 


    Classroom and Group Rules: 

    • Be respectful to teachers and classmates
    • Always participate in student class work and group activities
    • Do not be disruptive in class
      • Do not interrupt and speak out of turn
      • Do not wander around the room
      • Use an inside voice when working with your team
    • Cooperate and compromise 
    • No food, drink or gum allowed in the classroom, it all stays in your backpack or lunch bag     
    • Cell phones stay turned off and in student's backpack.  See cell phone policy below.
    • Stay on task and focused
    • Be responsible (for yourself and as a group)
    • Use computers, materials and tools appropriately… be responsible
    • Do not damage school equipment or property
    • Follow the signed Computer - Responsible Use Policy
    • Follow MJH Rules:
      • Be in your assigned seat/area ready to work when the bell rings
      • Bring/have all needed materials every day… pencil/pen/notebook
      • Keep hands, feet, books and objects to yourself
      • No profanity, rude gestures, cruel comments or put downs
      • Follow directions of any adult working at this school
    • Follow MJH Warrior Way:
      • Willingness to work and participate
      • Accountability for your work and your actions
      • Respect yourself
      • Respect others
      • Integrity 
      • Obtain Excellence
      • Responsibility



    You will be assigned a computer and it will be your responsibility to keep it in working condition. Report any issues immediately. Destruction or tampering of school property will result in a referral to the office.  Misuse or any violations of the Student's Responsible Use Policy will result in a referral to the office


    Food/Drink/Gum Policy:  NO FOOD, DRINK OR GUM ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM AT ANY TIME.  All items must stay in your backpack or lunch bag while you are in the classroom. 


    Cell Phones:

    Cell phones are to remain TURNED OFF and in the student's backpack.  There may be a few times during the school year that a cell phone may be needed for an assignment -- if needed, students will be notified at the beginning of class.  If a cell is being used without permission, it will taken up and turned into the front office.  See school cell phone policy. 


    Grading Policy:

    Note:  Gateway Technology 1 & 2 and Fundamentals of Computer Science are high school credit courses: the elective credits and the final grade will be on the student's high school record/transcript.

    50% - Daily grade

    50% - Projects/Tests

    Late Work (District Policy):

    The assignment is considered late if it is not turned in at the time it is due.  Unless stated otherwise in department procedures, all late work will receive a grade penalty. 

    The table below reflects the maximum percentage of the possible grade the student is to receive in a regular class for late assignments.    

    One Day          90 %       
    Two Days         80%      
    Three Days      70%      
    Four Days        no credit  (zero in the grade book for that assignment)    

    All courses will follow the late work penalties stated above.     

    Make-Up Work:

    Students are responsible for making up their work. The Gateway curriculum is available online at my.pltw.org and on the student's Google Classroom account. Every student will receive their own login and will be able to download their assignments and upload when completed. Quizzes and tests will have to made up during tutorials.  

    Tutorial Times by Appointment:  Tuesday 4:15 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. and Thursday 8:05 a.m. to 8:35 a.m.

    Remind 101 for text message reminders for the class:  on cell phone text to number 81010 then enter @gtt1mjh for Gateway 1  <or>  @gtt2mjh for Gateway 2  <or>  @csmjh for Comp Sci