• Gateway 2

    Credit: 2 semesters = 0.5 elective high school credit


    Medical Detectives - 1st Semester

    Students explore the biomedical sciences through hands-on projects and labs that require students to solve a variety of medical mysteries. Students investigate medical careers, vital signs, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, as well as human body systems such as the nervous system. A mock disease outbreak will allow student to become true medical detectives.

    1.  Disease Detectives 

    1.1  Vital Signs

    1.2  Exploring What’s Vital

    1.3  Disease Agents

    1.4 Project - Diagnostic Detectives

    1.5  Biomedical Careers

    2.   Mysteries of the Human Body Systems

    2.1  Secrets of the Nervous System

    2.2  Smart Signals

    2.3  Mysterious Miscommunications

    2.4  The Control Center – Sheep Brain Dissection

    2.5  Project - Mystery Disease – Case Analysis

    3.  Outbreak!

    3.1  Food Fiasco

    3.2  Problem - Disease Detectives – Investigate to Mitigate



    Green Architecture - 2nd Semester

    In a world of reduced resources and environmental challenges, it is important to present the concept of “being green” to the next generation of designers and builders. In this unit, students are introduced to architectural plans, construction styles, alternative materials and processes, architectural dimensions and measure and architectural sustainability. Students use a 3D architectural software program to create floor plans and an environmentally friendly home using shipping containers.  

    1.   Architectural Basics

    1.1  Measuring Practice

    1.2  Architectural Measurement

    1.3  Architectural Dimensioning

    1.4  Measuring Your Classroom

    1.5  Using Audodesk Revit

    1.6  Estimating Flooring Materials

    1.7  Dream Bedroom 

    1.8  Fundamentals of Construction

    1.9  Room Sizes and Floor Plan Layout

    1.10  Reading a Floor Plan

    1.11  Dream Bedroom in Revit

    2.  Introduction to Sustainable Architecture

    2.1  Rebuilding Greensburg

    2.2  Green Vocabulary

    2.3  Why Recycle?

    2.4  Green Comic Strip

    2.5  Indoor Air Quality

    2.6  Building Green

    2.7  House Styles

    3.  Architectural Challenge

    3.1  Wood Frame Construction

    3.2  Building a Shed

    3.3  Why Insulate?

    3.4  Shipping Container Home