Dance Syllabus


    NRJH Dance Syllabus

    Teacher Contact Information:                         Conference:

    Wendye Durio:                     5th Period



    Course Description:

    The goal of the Alvin ISD junior high dance curriculum is to educate students about the art of dance by introducing the basic movements and technical skills in ballet, jazz, modern, tap, social/cultural and choreography elements. 


    Required Supplies  

    • NRJH Dance T shirt
    • Black High Waisted Leggings
    • Black Jazz Shoes (Dance 3) 
    • Tan Turning Shoes (Dance 1 and Dance 2)
    • Composition Book


    Student Performance/Assessments

    All students enrolled in a dance class will be graded based on dressing out, participation, and performance. Students are required to participate in performances as part of the dance curriculum. All performances are recorded as a test grade. 


    Class Participation

    A doctor’s note or school nurse’s note is needed for students to sit out more than one day during class. A parent note will only be accepted for one day. 


    Dance Skills and Choreography

    Dancers will be assessed during each dance genre unit over basic dance vocabulary and a choreographed skills test. These assessments will count as a major test grade. Dancers will prepare for each test for at least one week before it is given. 


    Campus Rules:

    1. Be at the locker room door when the bell rings. 
    2. Follow directions the first time they are given. 
    3. Respect the teacher, other adults in the classroom, your classmates, and yourself, both in actions and words. 
    4. Keeps hands, feet, and all other objects to yourself. 
    5. Always work hard and do your best. No excuses. 



    1st Offense: Verbal Warning

    2nd Offense: Parent contact, entered as a classroom referral. Complete reflection sheet. 

    3rd Offense: Lunch and/or after school detention. Complete reflection sheet. 

    4th Offense: Contact parent and restorative circle with administrator and teacher.

    5th Offense: Office Referral to administration.



    Please download the Remind app and enter the appropriate code for your class or text the appropriate code for your class to phone number 81010.

    Dance 1 Code: @nrjhdance1

    Dance 2 Code: @nrjhdance2 

    Dance 3 Code: @nrjhdance3 


    Google Classroom

    Will be used for all non- movement assignments. Please join the appropriate class. 

    1st Period Dance 1: 

    2nd Period 

    3rd Period Dance 3: 

    4th Period 

    6th Period Dance 2: 

    7th Period Dance 1: