How to behave in Mrs. Compton's Class

  • Classroom Expectations

    3 Pillars for Success---Respect, Honesty and Cooperation


    Guidelines for Behavior

    1. Be in your assigned seat, working on your quickstart for the day

    2. Follow Classroom CHAMPS

    3. Have notebook, paper, pecils/pens everyday

    4. Keep your hands, feet, books and objects to yourself

    5. Profanity,rude gestures, teasing and bullying is not permitted

    6. Follow directions of any adult the first time they are given


    Cell Phone Policy

    "Not seen, not heard, not taken"

    When you enter the classroom cell phones should not be seen or heard and  they should be turned off, not on silent.

    There will be times that we may use our cell phones for educational purposes ONLY. However, if I have not given permission for devices to be used, I should not see or hear them.

    If I see or hear your device, I will take it up. If you are on your device without permission, I will turn it in to the front office. Parents must come to RPJH and pay a fine to retreive your device.



     No food or drinks will be allowed in the classroom, the ONLY exception is bottled water. All food itmes/drinks can be enjoyed at lunch. Therefore they will remain in your backpack.