• In Algebra 1, students will build on the skills students learned in grades 6-8.  Algebra is a study of linear, quadratic, and exponential functions.  Real world problems and practice problems will be used to build understanding. I consider the classroom to be a place where students work and learn as individuals or part of a team.  Most of our assignments will be completed in class, but just like most jobs sometimes work will have to been done outside the classroom.  I have one expectation of myself and everyone of my students "Do Your Very Best".
    If you are concerned about your student please contact me by email anytime.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Tutoring is available during power hour and after school--your child may go to another teacher if my times do not work with their schedule.  Have your student check in with me any day they want to come by for extra math time.
    This year we are using the TI -Nspire CX Calculators in Algebra 1 - you may purchase one to have at home but we will have a classroom set to use in school.
    Thank you for allowing me to teach your student...they are all wonderful to have in class!! 



  • Algebra One Student Folder

    This link will take you to student note keys and some assignments. Please note that notes and assignments may change.


    For Algebra One Students, you may access the online textbook by going to 
    Login: AlvinISD_<student ID#>
    example: AlvinISD_012345 
    Password: <first initial><last initial><student ID#>
    example: ck012345 
    If accessing the textbook from a phone or mobile device, first download
    the "ConnectED" APP from McGraw-Hill.