• Each  year, a committee of librarians in Texas selects 20 books published in the previous years that are excellent for children age 2 through grade 2 (2X2). Students can earn prizes by reading books and completing responses (parents may read to students and transcribe responses). 


    Click the logo image below to check out the book list, then register by clicking the "SIGN UP NOW" button. A Google Classroom link will be sent to the Student's email address, and materials and quizzes are linked in the Google Classroom.


    Read-aloud videos are linked in the virtual bookshelf at the bottom of this page.


    For each book and quiz completed, students receive a sticker badge and a prize from the treasure chest. 


    Additionally, students can earn the following awards at the end of the school year:

    Ten (10) books: 

    • Reading Certificate

    Fifteen (15) books: 

    • Reading Certificate

    • Reading Medal

    Twenty (20) books: 

    • Reading Certificate

    • Reading Medal

    • Suprise Gift Bag


    Information on the 2X2 Tumble, our district's annual competition, will be provided as soon as details have been confirmed. 


    The last day to submit quizzes for the 2021-2022 school year is April 29, 2022.

2X2 List Link and Sign Up by Tiffany Ermenc