• Each year, 20 books are chosen for the Texas Bluebonnet Award List by schools and libraries. Students who read at least five books before January 2, 2023 can participate in state voting and the Bluebonnet Breakfast in January. Students are responsible for choosing and checking out their own books. Library staff will not choose for them or hold books, unless the hold request is entered via the library catalog. 


    For each book and quiz completed, students receive a badge for their lanyard or backpack and a prize from the treasure chest. CLICK HERE to download a chart to track your reading or pick one up in the library.


    Additionally, students can earn the following awards at the end of the school year:

    Ten (10) books: 

    • Reading Certificate

    Fifteen (15) books: 

    • Reading Certificate

    • $5 Barnes and Noble Gift Card

    Twenty (20) books: 

    • Reading Certificate

    • Reading Medal

    • $10 Barnes and Noble Gift Card


    Click the logo image below to check out the book list, then register by clicking the "SIGN UP NOW" button. A Google Classroom link will be sent to the Student's email address within one week, and materials and quizzes are linked in the Google Classroom.


    Book talks to preview the books are included in the video at the bottom of this page. 


    Information regarding the Bluebonnet Rumble will be shared via Google Classroom as soon as it is available. 

BB List Link and Sign Up by Tiffany Ermenc
  • Program guidelines and procedures:

    • Students may only check out one program book at a time.

    • Quizzes turned in by Thursday night each week will be graded on Friday, and treasure chest tickets will be delivered to teachers every Monday morning. Students should understand that sometimes there will be delays due to schedules and other responsibilities, but prizes will be deliverered as soon as possible. 

    • Treasure chest tickets can be redeemed during open library in the mornings and during class library visits.

    • Parents or siblings may read books and questions to the student, and type in verbal responses, but the answers should be those of the student only.

    • If a student scores less than 70% on any quiz, the quiz will be reset and the student will need to retake the quiz. Students may reference the book during the quiz.

    • Quizzes are to be completed at home. If a student does not have internet access at home, they may complete the quiz in open library, but they will need to arrive early enough to have ample time to complete it (as close to 7:30 AM as possible).

    • Lost tickets will not be replaced. If a student completes all 20 books, they may request any missing badges at the end of the year.

    • The last day to submit quizzes for the 2022-2023 school year is April 28, 2023.



    To access 2X2 or Bluebonnet Quizzes:

    1. Sign up for the program on the library website, or by asking Mrs. Ermenc in the library. If you sign up on the website, please allow a few days to receive an email invitation, as they are processed manually.

    2. Log in to Google Classroom

      1. Use Clever login, or

      2. Go to Classroom.Google.com: Student email address (studendID#@students.alvinisd.net); password is first initial, last initial, 4-digit year of birth, 00 (EX: 123456@students.alvinisd.net; jd201500)

    3. Click on the appropriate class (2X2 Challenge or Bluebonnet Challenge)

    4. Click on “Classwork” at the top of the page

    5. Click on the book title for which you wish to take the quiz