2x2 Reading Program (K-2)

      Award Update due to COVID Quarantine -
      We are going to extend our deadline for turning in the 2x2 packets until August 2020.  Due to the issues of school and library closures, we wanted to give everyone a chance to turn the packets in.  Awards and certificates will be given in the Fall.
      For students in grades K-2, we have a 2x2 Reading Program.  Each year there are 20 books in the program.  Students can read these books and fill out a book report form.  When students have finished all 20 books, please turn in the reports.  Please use the file below to upload the packet for more information and to upload the book report packet.  Students can also get a list of all the books on My Book Nook page (link below).
      Click below for the:
      2x2 Reading Boot - This is just for parents to use - You do not have to turn this in.
    • 2x2 Tumble Team

      We will also have a 2x2 Tumble Team with our 1st and 2nd graders.  Any student in first or second grade who has turned in their reading packets by the end of December will be eligible to take a 2x2 Tumble test in January.  The students with the top six scores will be our 2x2 Tumble Team.  Three members of the team will become alternates.  The three-member final team will then compete in a district-wide competition in March.






      Final 6 Tumble Team Morning Meet Dates:

      Feb. 6

      Feb. 13

      Feb. 20 (Choose top 3 and alternates)

      Feb. 27

      March 5

      Competition Date:  March 19th