• Classroom Expectations:

    • Be on time for class!
    • Be prepared with all of your supplies!
    • Listen when someone else is speaking, including the teacher!
    • Treat all learning as important and valuable!
    • Participate in class discussions!
    • Be respectful and kind!
    • Work cooperatively with peers!
    • Listen to and follow directions the first time they are given!
    • Don't touch anything that is not yours!
    • Complete all assigned work!


    • Teacher warning and document.
    • Teacher detention, parent contact, document.
    • Teacher detention, parent conference, and document.
    • Office Referral, Parent Contact, Principal Assigned ECO (1 hour)
    • Office referral, Parent/Team Conference, Principal Assigned Elevated Consequences (SAC, ISS, etc.)

    Major classroom disruptions will result in office referrals, parent contact, and document.