• Technology Applications 1 and 2

    Policies and Procedures


    Through the study of technology applications, students make informed decisions by understanding current and emerging technologies, including technology systems, appropriate digital tools, and personal learning networks. As competent researchers and responsible digital citizens, students use creative and computational thinking to solve problems while developing career and college readiness skills.


    Course objectives (some of them):

    • Identify, create, and use files in various formats, including text, create and edit files with productivity tools, including a word processing document using digital typography standards such as page layout, font formatting, paragraph formatting, mail merge, and list attributes;  practice and explain safe and appropriate online behavior, personal security guidelines, digital identity, digital etiquette, and acceptable use of technology.
    • Create a spreadsheet workbook using advanced computational and graphic components such as complex formulas, advanced functions, data types, and chart

    Materials needed:

    You will be expected to have the following in class everyday:

    • Spiral notebook
    • Folder with pockets – or with brads for notebook paper.
    • Pen of appropriate color
    • Pencils



    All Harby Jr. High rules apply as outlined in the online handbook.  Also, please note the following:

    • No visible/audible gum,.
    • No candy, food, or drinks (other than water) allowed in the classroom.
    • No applying make-up, hair spray, etc. in the classroom.
    • Do not let personal devices become a distraction.