Daniela Koontz
    Name: Daniela Koontz,
    Campus Phone # (281) 245-2232 EX 2641
    Room # D114
    Art and Art History Teacher
    Tutorial Times: 
    Monday, Tuesday and Thursday:3:00-3:30
    Conference Period: 7:20-8:08
    University Alma Mater:
    UC Berkeley: Art History BA
    UT El Paso: Fine Art BFA
    University of Houston: Painting MFA 

    Google Classroom Codes:

    Drawing 2nd: ws2tr54

    DE Art Appreciation: Blackboard

    AP Art History: 3kpzarm

    Art 1 5th: mzuchz6

    Drawing 6th: zkh3qyk

    Drawing 7th: qga57ei
    I've been teaching art at the high school level for 18 years. Before that, I arranged flowers, bartended, flipped burgers, and worked as an art librarian. The thing I love most about teaching is that it is NEVER BORING! This is my fifth year at Manvel High School. I'm happy to work with the most hilarious visual art department in the universe. 
    When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my family. I'm also a fan of post-punk music, James Bond movies, and cooking delicious things to eat. In addition, I have an art studio in Houston (Box13Artspace) where I create works on paper. Check out my website!
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