• Mr. Kibler


     Pre-AP Physics

    Welcome to Physics, the study of the natural world around us and how we apply what was discovered! This is going to be a very productive and fun year for you all. We will work on developing scientific and investigative skills that are essential to your success in all aspects of this course. These skills will include but are not limited to: observation, experimental design, testing hypotheses, making conclusion, and communicating results. The activities will vary between lecture, lab, discussion, utilizing online resources and creating our interactive notebooks. The following includes important information about my classroom policies and procedures. Please keep this sheet as a resource so that you can refer back to it when you have questions.



    Essential Physics  by Ergopedia

    If you want your own textbook, you must sign it out yourself.

    There is also an online version that is available on request.


    Required Materials:

    Students will NEED these items on a daily basis: spiral notebook, scientific calculator, pen/pencil

    Other needed supplies due by 2nd week of school: 2 spiral notebooks, ruler, protractor, colored pencils, highlighter                      


    Requested Supplies:  During the school year, students will be conducting many lab activities that require the use of materials not provided by the school district.  Please help us by donating items from the following list.


    Tissue (Kleenex), tape, colored pencils, markers, glue , scissors, card stock, colored paper, paper towels, hand soap, hand sanitizer, dry erase markers




    40% test                     20% daily (quizzes and homework)                 40% lab


    Classroom Behavior

    1) We will practice safety procedures and guidelines at all times.

    2) Everyone will be respectful.

    3) Raise your hand to be acknowledged before speaking,

    4) We will bring all materials needed to class daily.


    Make-up Work

    Consistent attendance is absolutely essential to succeed in Physics. Whenever a student is absent, it is very important the student confer with the teacher the day of his/her return. It is much easier and better for the student to “catch up” before he/she returns to class.  Email is best method for checking with teacher on the day of the absence.


    For all cases of absences please refer to the student handbook. Briefly, students who miss work such as test/quizzes/labs due to excused absences have one day of make-up time for each day the student is absent. Absences due to school business (including extra-curricular activities) require that students arrange for work in advance of the absence.


    To receive full credit, homework must be turned in the next class period from which it was assigned (unless specified by the teacher). 


    If a student has an excused absence, work due the day he/she was absence is due at the beginning of the period of the day that the student returns.  It is the responsibility of the student to turn in the assignment without prompting from the teacher.



    Tests are to be made up in accordance with the school’s make-up policy. If a student is absent the day of a scheduled test, he/she is expected to take the test the day he/she returns.



    Labs missed will be completed by obtaining the data or information gathered during the lab procedure from his/her lab partner or group.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the information within the time allowed for absences and the student will be hold accountable for the information during the testing situation on that particular unit. Lab grades are based on participation, adherence to safety regulations, housekeeping, and the written report. The only information that may be shared or copied for lab reports is DATA.



    You will be counted tardy if you are not in your seat when the bell rings. Being 10 minutes late to class without a signed note is an automatic absence in accordance to district policy.


    Bathroom Passes

    You will be allowed to leave the classroom at teacher discretion for bathroom breaks. No bathroom breaks will be granted during substitute teacher, quiz or test days. If the student is out of the class room for 10 minutes or more, their attendance will be changed to an absence. If there is a habit of using the restroom daily, at the same time/date, a phone call to the parent will be made, a referral to the nurse to ensure nothing is wrong with student and bathroom privileges may be revoked.



    Sharing answers during assessments (tests, quizzes, labs..ect) is strictly forbidden and anyone thought or seen to be cheating will receive a zero on the assignment. There will be no talking during these exercises. Talking during quizzes and tests will result in a zero for the assignment and office referral.


    Problem Solving

    For ANY mathematical problem to be solved whether on homework, quizzes, labs, or tests. ALL WORK MUST BE SHOWN FOR FULL CREDIT.


    Cell Phones and Devices

    We will be utilizing cell phones and devices in class. They will be used as calculators, timers, video analysis, graphing, and more. Students will be able to text and browse on their devices during tech breaks and after assignments are completed. Any student caught using their phone non-academically (i.e. texting, snapchatting, twitter, etc) during class time will result in the phone being confiscated and taken to the office to be picked up by a parent.


    Mr. Kibler