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    Welcome to AP Environmental Science!
    Congratulations on making a wise choice! AP Environmental Science (APES) may be one of the most meaningful course in your high school career. This course combines the disciplines of biology, chemistry, geography, geology, environmental science, economics, and social science. We will use both conceptual and mathematical models to understand the interrelationships of among natural processes, including environmental issues and management alternatives.  If you heard about it in the news, chances are we are talking about it! We will discover how the Earth's systems function together and how humans have affected our planet.
    The goal of the AP Environmental Science course is to provide students with the scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies required to understand the interrelationships of the natural world, to identify and analyze environmental problems both natural and human-made, to evaluate the relative risks associated with these problems, and to examine alternative solutions for resolving or preventing them.
    Because this is a college level course, you will be responsible for learning a large amount of material on your own. I will help you as we go, but it will be your responsibility to take notes, study, learn your vocabulary. 
    1) For the AP Environmental Science Syllabus, please click here.
    2) For the Syllabus Acknowledgement, please click here.
    3) For the lab safety contract, please click here
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