• Alvin ISD Related/Sponsored
    “Internal” Communications

    As of July 2022


    Alvin ISD Related “Internal”: Entities inside of Alvin ISD (example:  AHS Booster Club/PTO/PTA, AISD Education Foundation, etc.).

    In an effort to make staff time more resourceful and to conserve paper, Alvin ISD uses paperless distribution for “internal” AISD entities. This paperless process has proven to be successful for the District. 

    Guidelines for Alvin ISD Related “Internal” organizations:

    ALL Alvin ISD-related “internal” organization flyers MUST include the following:  “This event is being hosted by (example:  AHS Booster Club/PTO/PTA, AISD Education Foundation, etc.).   

    • The flyer must be one-sided, one page, in jpg format.
    • If your organization is using an Alvin ISD facility for your event, you must provide the approved Alvin ISD Facilities Usage/Rental Agreement with your submission.
    • The Flyer should not contain advertising logos or promotions for any business/organization other than the approved organization submitting the flyer.
    • If at any time it is determined that previous flyers or written materials presented for approval contained false information or did not accurately represent the intent of the program, the approval of future flyers submitted by the requesting organization will be jeopardized.


    During the first week of each month (excluding August & January) an email will be sent to Alvin ISD parents with your one-sided, one-page, jpg flyer attached. Also, your flyer will be posted on the District’s webpage under “Community – Upcoming Community Events.” In order for your distribution to be sent during the first week of the month, the Communications Department must receive distribution requests by the following dates:

  • There will be no distribution for "internal" organizations during the month of July 2022.


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