• Mr. Ermenc’s Education Philosophy


    It is my goal to provide a dynamic learning environment where creativity, collaboration, and diversity are celebrated.  I believe that every student adds value to my class through his/her own unique experiences and viewpoints, and that he/she can – and should – provide an equitable contribution.  I want my classroom to be viewed as a safe place where students are free to think creatively and expand their learning far beyond just a simple lesson from a textbook. 


    I desire for my students to explore learning through actively participating in all aspects of their own education.  I want my students to find value in knowledge, power in understanding, and take risks, knowing that failure is not only okay, it is the foundation of learning!


    Because I will provide a structured and consistent setting surrounded by a framework of high expectations, students will have the freedom to progress organically, without excess distraction from worrying about what the day will bring.  Through differentiated instruction, I aspire to reach students at every level in a way to meets their individual needs and learning styles. 


    I want each student to have a voice.  I will ensure that all students know that I place an extraordinary importance on their input and encourage all students to participate in small and large group discussions.  Lessons will be fluid, where student input and reflection will always be taken into consideration.  Additionally, student interests will be incorporated into lessons so that each student will experience academic growth in a way that is both personal and relevant.


    I want my students to learn to learn and love to learn. 


    -- J. Ermenc --

    I Teach