About Mr. McGown


    Hi, my name is Doug McGown, and I teach General Chemistry and IPC. I have been teaching science for 23 years. I am from Houston.


    After high school, I scooted up north and attended the best university in the world, Texas A&M University. At A&M, I was member of the corps of cadets and had the honor of being the keeper of Reveille IV, A&M's mascot (full blooded collie). I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education, specializing in the Physical Sciences (chemistry and physics). I am also certified to teach Health Education, Physical Education, and Online Education, with an emphasis in curriculum development. Being an athlete, I played with the men's volleyball club program as an "AA" and "A" athlete. 


    After Texas A&M, I decided to move to Bangkok, Thailand and help a group of missionaries. In Bangkok, I attended language school and received a degree in the Thai language. My plans were to teach internationally, but because of my youth and lack of experience, I was denied work in the international school system. I came back to Texas and started my teaching career at Friendswood High where I took a struggling volleyball program, and within a few years, won a AAAA Texas State Championship. As a teacher, I taught honors physical science. Recently, I was inducted into the Friendswood Hall of Fame as a coach.


    After Friendswood, I moved up to the Klein area and became the Athletic Director at Northland Christian. There I helped establish their football program, stadium, and all the logistics that come with Friday nights. As I eventually handed my responsibilities to the new head football coach, Spring ISD called me, and I took a job in administration as the district's web programmer and training specialist. I served 32 school liaisons, as well as... managing all the district web communications.


    As online education became more popular at Spring ISD, I decided to go back to the classroom side of education, and develop online curriculum for Health Education and IPC (content recovery and special education). While developing, I also was a classroom facilitor. Before leaving Spring ISD, I taught at Westfield High one year as an IPC teacher specializing in special education curriculum for IPC.


    This is my forth year at Alvin High, and I am all in! I continue to be impressed with the science team, their experiences, and their abilities. I have been around the block and have many friends all over the state in administration and in the classroom... I brag about Alvin High science all the time!


    I have three daughters. Two are in college. One attends Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX, as a volleyball player, and the other decided to retire her volleyball career and attend Blinn in Bryan, TX as a pathway to Texas A&M. The youngest is in high school.


    Besides having an interest in languages and cultures, I love to travel, excercise, watch movies, read, write, watch college football, study Bible, and help develop chemistry lessons. During the summer months, I continue to train young athletes in volleyball through my Soveriegn Volleyball training program.