• Texas High School Graduation Requirements

    Foundation Program with Endorsement


    Below you will see the Texas graduation requirements for the Foundation High School Program with Endorsement.  All students are required to graduate on the Foundation Program and shall choose an endrosement in writing before entering 9th grade.  A student may change their endorsement at any time through written request to their school counselor.  A student may earn any of the following endorsements:


    • Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)
    • Business and Industry
    • Public Services
    • Arts and Humanities
    • Multidisciplinary Studies


    Students may also earn Distinguished level of Achievement or Performance Acknowledgements.  Please see the Alvin ISD course guide or your high school counselor for more information.  


    At the bottom of each column on the table, you can click the link to find detailed information regarding each endoresement, different options, the classes required /suggested, and additional information.  


    Please note that all courses are one year for one credit unless otherwise specified.  (.5) = semester course for 1/2 credit, (2) = 2 period class for 2 credits.


Foundation Program with Endorsements