• Identification Process


    Identification Policy


    In order to comply with the Texas State Plan for the Gifted and Talented, students will be identified for participation in the AISD Gifted and Talented Program through the use of multiple criteria that are both quantitative (cognitive skill test, intellectual assessment, etc.) and qualitative (professional recommendations and classroom performance data). The state plan requires at least three criteria be used to identify students. In accordance with state guidelines and in striving to be an exemplary gifted program, Alvin identifies students based on criterion and norm referenced testing, intellectual assessment, and teacher recommendations.


    Identification Procedure




    • Referrals are accepted on an ongoing basis for the GT program from the following: teachers, administrators, parents, counselors, peers, the student or anyone familiar with the student’s behavior, performance, or products and who is aware of characteristics of the gifted and talented.
    • Community notices are placed on district & school websites regarding referrals.
    • Referrals for all grade levels must be submitted in writing to the campus Advanced Academics Specialist.
    • The Alvin ISD gifted program does not offer assessments for non-enrolled students. Students must be enrolled and in actual attendance prior to consideration for GT assessment.
    • Click here to download the Alvin ISD GT referral form. Deadline for referrals is March 1st.



    Assessment Grades 1-12



    • Student referrals in grades 1-5 must be turned in to the Advanced Academics Specialist by March 1.
    • The campus level committee, made up of at least three of the following personnel, reviews student’s testing data to determine placement: Advanced Academics Specialist, administrator, counselor, and classroom teacher with 30 clock hours of GT training.
    • Elementary testing occurs in the spring semester.
    • Secondary (Grades 6-12) assessment opportunities are made available once a semester. 




    • All kindergarten students will be screened during the fall semester and students who qualify will be tested during the months of January/February.
    • GT services will begin by March 1st of the school year.



    Transfer Students


    • Identified Gifted and Talented students from another district will be considered for placement during the first six weeks of enrollment.
    • Previous Gifted and Talented documentation should be provided by parents to the campus Advanced Academics Specialist.
    • Further assessment will be initiated as indicated
    • The campus GT selection committee will review the assessment data and determine the best placement for the student
    • Parents will be notified of the campus GT selection committee decision.



    Private and Home School


    The Alvin ISD Advanced Academics department will conduct summer screenings for private school and home school students for possible GT testing. Depending on the outcome of the screening, a student may qualify to participate in GT testing. If your child is newly enrolled in Alvin ISD as a previous private school or home school student and has never attended public school, the district will conduct a summer screening on your child. In order to have your child screened, the student must be enrolled in an Alvin ISD elementary school.


    Parents of newly enrolled private or home school students who do not go through the summer screening process, must indicate when enrolling their child that they would like to have their child screened for GT. All screenings and/or testing will occur within the first two weeks of school during the fall semester. After that time, student testing will occur during the spring testing. Alvin ISD will conduct GT summer screenings once for a child.




    A parent or staff member may appeal an identification decision made by the selection committee. The appellant must submit an appeal letter to the campus Advanced Academics Specialist no later than 15 working days after the committee has announced its selection decisions. A response will be made to the person making the appeal no later than 15 working days after receipt of the letter of appeal.





    • Students unable to maintain satisfactory performance within the structure of the GT program may be placed on furlough by the selection committee which includes: Advanced Academics Specialist, classroom teacher, administrator, and counselor.
    • If a student fails any grade level state-mandated test, he/she will be placed on furlough for one year until passing the next year’s grade level state-mandated test. If the student continues to fail any grade level state-mandated test, he/she will be considered for exit from the GT program. The committee may consider extenuating circumstances.
    • If a student fails a core class (English/Language Arts, Science, Math, and/or Social Studies) for a nine week period, he/she may be furloughed from the GT program.
    • At the elementary level, if a student chooses not to participate in the levels of service offered to GT students, he or she will be furloughed from the GT program and will not attend GT pullout classes.
    • Students may be furloughed for a period of time deemed appropriate by the above committee, with student’s progress reassessed at the end of the furlough.
    •  At the end of the furlough period, the student will be re-evaluated by the GT selection committee. A decision will be made for the student to continue in the GT program or begin exit procedures. 



    Exit Provisions


    A student may be exited from the GT program when the furlough requirements have not been met. A committee will evaluate and make the final recommendation for the student. In order to re-enter the program, the student must be referred, screened, and tested for re-entry into the GT program. A parent/guardian may request in writing program exit at any time.