• Elementary Level: Grades K-5


    Identified students are served at their individual campus within a cluster setting by teachers who have the required GT training and who differentiate the curriculum in the four core content areas with learning components implemented by Advanced Academics Specialists on each campus.


    The program is designed to develop students as life-long learners who apply, synthesize, and evaluate information, ideas, skills, and processes. As a result, our GT students will obtain necessary knowledge and skills to become productive contributors to their community.


    Acceleration of learning is encouraged, and students are provided an array of learning experiences participating in a wide choice of Texas Performance Standards Projects. Students are introduced to and use the district-adopted Independent Investigation Method or IIM, a research process which involves seven user-friendly steps to accomplish K-5 research tasks. Student products and performances are spotlighted and shared with the community. 


    Affective needs of GT students are met through a multitude of activities, such as understanding giftedness, perfectionism, and emotional stress. Activities include integrating children’s literature with teacher directed lessons that address the individual student’s needs.


     WINGS Academy


    The WINGS Academy is a school within a school model designed to provide highly gifted students an advanced educational opportunity matched to their individual abilities, strengths and interests. The academy will open at Pomona Elementary in the fall of 2017 for highly gifted students in first and second grade. After the initial opening, the WINGS Academy will follow with the addition of a grade level each subsequent year until it reaches fifth grade.


    Students must be enrolled in Alvin ISD and qualify through an evaluation process that includes qualitative and quantitative measures.

    The school features:


    • Multi-age group classes that allow learning with intellectual peers
    • Curriculum specifically designed for highly gifted learners
    • An Individual Learning Plan (ILP) that appropriately challenges each student's abilities allowing her/him to engage in the curriculum at a pace and depth consistent with the student's knowledge, skills and personal motivations
    • A learning environment that recognizes their social emotional needs and fosters leadership, integrity, personal responsibility, and an appreciation of individual differences, along with respect for others
    • The opportunity to identify and develop student's unique talents and skills at an advanced level and be supported by teachers, professors and other experts in their fields of interest
    • Engagement of parents in the learning process and provide opportunities for understanding and nurturing their children.



    Junior High Level: Grades 6 - 8


    GT students receive differentiated services with specially trained teachers in each of the four core content areas through Pre-AP.  The Gifted and Talented curriculum is integrated with the TEKS and the Pre-AP College Board curriculum.  An Advanced Academic Specialist offers individual support for students/teachers in producing/implementing advanced coursework and products. The wide range of learning experiences at this level may include out-of-school “competition” options as well as in-school individual project choices in the different content areas.  Students also establish and enhance their technology skills as a “tool for learning” at the junior high level.  Student progress as a gifted learner is reported to parents.


    STEM Academy


    The Alvin ISD STEM Academy is a school within a school model meeting the needs of the district’s highly gifted population. Students must qualify through a series of qualitative and quantitative measures. The STEM Academy focuses on problem solving, discovery, creativity, exploratory learning, teamwork, leadership skills, and communication skills while providing the depth and complexity needed to meet the cognitive needs of the highly gifted student. After opening in the fall of 2016 with sixth grade, the STEM Academy will follow with the addition of 7th and 8th grades each subsequent year.


    Magnet Academic Program (MAP)


    The AISD Magnet Academic Program (MAP) offers an accelerated curriculum that includes the level of rigor needed for our students to be successful in advanced secondary course work.  All fifth grade students in Alvin ISD are screened and tested at the end of their fifth grade year in order to qualify to participate in MAP in 6th through 8th grades.  These students are administered a battery of mathematic assessments in the spring, both timed and untimed.  Students are placed on a matrix that is tallied with information garnered from the tests as well as teacher recommendations and mathematics average for the year. MAP is currently offered at all AISD junior high campuses. Every Alvin ISD student is evaluated for the Alvin Magnet Academic Program (MAP) in the spring of their 5th grade year.  Fifth grade students who transfer or move into Alvin ISD after our evaluation process may request testing.  A student will only be assessed or evaluated one time for the program.


    High School Level: Grades 9 – 12


    GT students at the high school level are served in three course areas: Pre-Advanced Placement, Advanced Placement, and Dual Credit.  Highly trained teachers integrate collegiate level curriculum with the TEKS in order to prepare students for the rigor of Advanced Placement and Dual Credit courses. The Advanced Placement and Dual Credit programs represent vertical and horizontal acceleration, allowing students to earn college credit while they are in high school.   In addition, the Dual Degree program from Alvin Community College enables participating high school students the opportunity to earn an Associate of Arts degree.