Supporting Alvin Gifted Education (SAGE) is a group of parents using their collective experience in raising gifted children who can be united in advocacy or simply for mutual support.  A parent support group will help to ensure that your children's unique needs are being met in their homes, classrooms, and communities.


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    About SENG Model Parent Groups


    A SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) Model Parent Group group provides an opportunity for parents of gifted children to learn more about giftedness, discuss the challenges, and share strategies for supporting our gifted children while enhancing family relationships all in a relaxed environment with others who truly understand the dynamics of living with giftedness. SENG Model Parent Groups are guided discussion groups for parents of gifted or twice exceptional children. The group reads and discusses A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children by James T. Webb in an eight session series that builds with each subsequent session.  In order to effectively meet the guidelines of a SENG Model Parent Group, registration is limited to 16 people per group. To assist more parents in the future, Alvin ISD will conduct a new SENG Model Parent Group each fall and spring semester. The Advanced Academics Specialists from each campus will notify parents when registration opens.

    About SENG


    SENG’s mission is to empower families and communities to guide gifted and talented individuals to reach their goals: intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. For more information please see: www.sengifted.org