• Peek of the Week Jan. 27th-31st


    Word Study

    • recognize that new words are created when letters are changed, added, or deleted


    • re-reading, background knowledge, and visual cues for comprehension


    • writing process


    • comparative language


    • living/nonliving

    Social Studies

    • kindness


    Sight Words:

    NW1- am, at, the can, go, is, me my, see, to, we, up

    NW2- and, do, got, had, has, he, his, in, it, like, look, on

    NW3- are, with, did, for, get, what, him, of, play, said, she, will, you

    NW4- all, down, saw, that, they, this, here, was, went, have, when, where, come