• Tryout day is Friday, March 29th


    You must arrive at 5:30 at Manvel Junior High


    Attire: District tryout tee shirt and shorts (I will give to you a number to pin on your shirt.), white socks & tennis shoes.  Hair should be in a ponytail. 


    ●   Each group will spirit in together (if you can tumble you may do so), then wait up front until all 4 candidates are on the floor.

    ●   Jumps (1 Toe touch and 1 Jump of Choice)judge will call each candidate number to perform 2 jumps

    ●   Cheer together

    ●   Dance together. Remember smile!!    Judges will dismiss you.

    ●   Group will spirit out of gym together


            *All candidates will remain until dismissed after the entire group is finished.


    RPJH Cheerleaders for 2019/2020 will be posted on the Rodeo Palms Junior High website on April 1st and also outside of B114 after school at 4:20 pm



     Thank you Rachel Kossar