Pregnancy Related Services (PRS)


    Compensatory Education Homebound Instruction (CEHI)


    PRS provides support services during pregnancy prenatal and postpartum periods, including Compensatory Homebound Instruction (CEHI). The programs are designed to provide PRS students the resources needed to succeed academically.


    PRS/CEHI Resources and Forms

    Intake Form PEP program student enrollment form. Enters student into AISD’s PEP and/or PRS program.

    Physician’s Statement Verifies student’s medical need to enter into prenatal CEHI or extended postnatal CEHI.

    Notice of Delivery Completed by student and provided to PEP Coordinator, following delivery of infant.

    PRS CEHI Brochure



    AISD Teen Parent Services Coordinator:


    Alvin ISD – Linda Carter

    281-245-2758 / lcarter@alvinisd.net

    Fax# 281-585-8007