Example of C.O.R.E. Homework
hw math


  • Homework will be place in your child's homework folder on Monday and is due on Friday.   

    Your child is expected to complete the enitre packet that is given to review skills taught in the classroom.  

    Homework Expectations:

    1) Please do homework in pencil unless otherwise noted.

    2) Your child should be able to complete all homework assignments with minimum assistant. 

    3) Parents please read homework cover letter carefully for directions.

    4) Have your child write his/her name on homework cover letter for credit with a parent signature to ensure you checked for completion of homework.

    5) May need addtional tools ( glue, sciccors, etc.) to complete homework.

    6)  Have your child read to you each night for about 10-20 minutes and record books read on thier reading log sheet.  Parents please use the story comprehending questions in your child's homework folder after a story is read. 


    reading log