What is the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment?

  • The TSI assessment is a computer-based test measuring skills in Reading, Sentence Skills, Essay Writing, and Mathematics. Any student who is attempting to enroll in college-level coursework at a community college who is not exempt from the testing requirements should take the TSI. Also, those students who plan on enrolling in our dual-credit program should take this test.


    Want to know more about the TSI (expemtions, what's on the test)? Check out this informative link!


    Still have questions about whether the TSI is for you? Reach out to our ACC Dual Enrollment Advisor, Mrs. Boston. dboston@alvincollege.edu




    Step 1: Take the TSI Pre-Assessment https://www.tsipreview.com/welcome/Alvin-Community-C


    Step 2: Pay for the test in the Counseling Office ($25 for Reading, Writing and Math; $15 for individual subjects) - cash or check only


    Step 3: Show up on your testing day ready to be successful!