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    Flexible and Affordable Higher Education 
    for You and Your Family!

    At Alvin ISD we value continuous learning and look for opportunities to help our employees grow both professionally and personally. That’s why we are pleased to offer a new benefit to you and your family members – access to online degree programs at preferred tuition rates.

    Ranked #1 Best Online Master’s in Education Programs


    96% of graduates recommend Lamar University to friends and family.

    Highly recognized Leadership programs.

    Lamar prepares about 30% of our Administrators in Texas

    Ranked No. 1 in School Counseling!

    Among the most Flexible and Affordable programs available!

    Learn about financial aid and grants that pay 5K-17.5K if you qualify

    Visit your Lamar University district Partnership link at:  http://degree.lamar.edu/cheryl

    Moreover, all programs are Accelerated, AccreditedRecognized and 100% Online


    Through this new benefit, you have access to a variety of Master degree programs, certifications and undergraduate degree programs offered by an accredited, reputable public university that is part of the State System of Schools. Online degree programs are flexible, allowing you to complete your degree at times that are convenient for you. 
    Go to ALVIN ISD to learn more about our programs.  Contact Cheryl Mintz, Senior Executive Director, at (281) 467-8231cheryl.mintz@academicpartnerships.com.  




    Hello, Alvin ISD Teachers and Staff!


    Lamar University has TWO Great OPPORTUNITIES right now!


    NOW is a great time to consider starting your master’s degree program if you’ve been considering doing so.  Pleaser reach out to me anytime – now or in the days to come – with any questions.  Please share my information freely as others you know and work with will benefit from the preferred tuition rate and support I can offer, as well.


    First, while all our masters programs are accelerated and affordable, just recently, we changed our already affordable and accelerated M.Ed—Education Administration, to just #10, 5-week courses and $8250.  This cost is before any potential grants that you may also qualify for that range from 5k-17.5k.


    Second, for our next start date, we are offering individuals seeking their Master’s in Education their First-Course-Free; which is an addition savings of $825  Now’s a fantastic time to consider enrolling!  individuals must apply by March 12th and start on April 9th to benefit from the first-course-free opportunity.


    For any paraprofessionals or staff seeking to complete their bachelor’s degree we have an incredibly affordable and accelerated program 100% online that gets high



    CLICK HERE IF INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE:  Yes, please contact me and sent me details!


    Check out the programs that qualify for the First-Course-Free:

    M.Ed-Education Administration

    M.Ed-Education Technology Leadership

    M.Ed-Teacher Leadership

    M.Ed-Teacher Leadership with Specialization in ESL

    M.Ed-Teacher Leadership with Specialization in Gifted and Talented

    M.Ed-Special Education

    M.Ed-School Counseling


    Please feel free to research the following programs, as well (these do not qualify for the first-course-free)

    M.Ed-Clinical Mental Health Counseling

    Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

    Bachelor of General Studies  


    Best regards,



    Cheryl Mintz

    Senior Executive Director–Central U.S.

    Lamar University – College of Education