Welcome to APA World Geography

  • The purpose of this class is for students to examine people, places, and environments at local, regional, national, and international scales from the multiple perspectives of geography. Students will describe the influence of geography on past and present events with an emphasis on contemporary issues. The physical, political, economic, technological, and social processes that shape patterns in the environment that affect cultural patterns and influence political divisions are emphasized.


    Since this is an APA class, students will develop their critical thinking and analytical skills through examination of primary and secondary sources, and evaluating course concepts through the context of world events. Students can expect to have various assigned readings and written assignments to effectively prepare them for the rigor of AP and Dual Enrollment courses in their upperclassmen years.

    Class Expectations


    Prompt: Be in your seat when the bell rings.


    Wait for teacher dismissal before leaving class, the bell DOES NOT dismiss you.


    Prepared: Bring all supplies: pen/pencils, paper, spiral notebook. Take care of all personal needs before class.


    Kind: Raise your hand and wait to be recognized to speak, get up, or leave the room.


    Respect yourself, other students, and the teacher.


    Productive: Follow teacher instruction without comment, first time given.


    Stay on assigned tasks.



    If the expectations are not met...

    1. Verbal warning

    2. Student-teacher conference

    3. Parent contact / Teacher Detention

    4. Referral to Assistant Principal


    Units of Study:

    1st 9 Weeks - Introduction to Geography, Geographer’s Toolbox, Population & Migration

    2nd 9 Weeks – Religion, Ethnicity, & Language, Culture & Conflict

    3rd 9 Weeks – Political & Economic Geography, Agriculture, Industry Part 1

    4th 9 Weeks – Industry Part 2, Urbanization


    McGraw Hill World Geography Textbook

    Advanced Placement Human Geography, 2nd Edition



    1 Large Spiral Notebook (suggested Mead 5 subject )

    Notebook Paper


    Shared class supply request:

    Periods 1 and 6 Box of Tissues

    Periods 2 and 4 roll of scotch tape

    Periods 5 and 7 Colored Pencils (12 ct)



    After unit exams, students will have the option to complete test remediations. Students can earn up to a half

    point for every multiple choice question missed. Students are required to follow the Exam Remediation

    Guidelines. Multiple choice exams can be corrected up to a 90%.



    Comprehensive Assessments/Projects.....55%

    ● Multiple Choice and “Time Response Questions”

    ● Format matches AP Exam

    ● Research Projects

    ● Field Studies

    ● One-Pagers

    Daily Work/Homework...45%

    ● Notebook/Workbooks

    ● Reading articles/current events

    ● Textbook chapter assignments

    ● In class assignments

    ● Quizzes of key concepts, terms, and maps (corrections will not apply to quizzes)


    1. All assignments are due at the beginning of class on assigned dates unless the teacher is notified prior to the due date. Work completed during class will be considered late. If you leave school early for an appointment, sports or illness, please submit your work to google classroom. It is YOUR responsibility to look on google classroom for your missing assignments.


    2. Students have the number of days absent plus 1 day after an absence to make up assignments or make arrangements to make up missed quizzes or exams with no point penalty.


    3. Late assignments, if turned in within a week of original due date will be reduced 10 points per

    day according to ICHS grading policy.

    4. If you have an absence due to a school event (field trips, sports, etc,...) assigned work is to be handed in the day before you leave or the day you return -- or it will be late. You will also need to make arrangements with the teacher for tests or quizzes that you may miss or have missed.


    5.  All classroom assignments will be posted on google classroom and turned in through google classroom.  Parents you may email me to receive a code to access our google classroom.


    6.  Students should keep their spiral notebooks neat, organized, with notes and vocabulary for every unit. The notebooks will help you prepare for your exams. It is important to stay organized.


    7.  Make smart and respectful choices. Do not plagiarize, copy other students’ work, interrupt

    others, put down classmates, fall behind in the reading or in your notebooks.


    8.  Not seen, not heard, not taken...... you may only use your phone for classwork purposes

    and I will let you know when that is....