• Welcome to Ms. Robins’ Mathematics Classes


     Classroom Expectations:

    Come to class prepared to explore, discover, and teach.

    NEVER give up!

    (If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.)

    Be respectful to EVERYONE, including yourself.

    Abide by all AISD and RPJH policies/procedures.

    Alvin ISD Student Handbook CLICK HERE 

     Student Dress Code CLICK HERE 


    Classroom Basics


    Grade weights-

     50% Major Grades (Test/Projects),    50% Quizzes/Daily/Class Extensions (HW)

    Monitoring Grades

                  Parent Skyward sign up link   (coming soon)

                  Student Skyward sign up link  (coming soon)



    RPJH Tardy Policy- (coming soon)

    • When the bell rings the classroom door will be closed and the student will be marked tardy once the student enter the classroom after the bell.
    • 10/10 Policy- No student will be allowed to leave the room during the first and last 10 minutes of class. 


    Class Extensions (aka homework)-

    Practice/reviewing class notes and activities are keys to success for this class. These assignments can come in many forms, for example worksheets, viewing videos, reviewing notes, playing a card game with family members, etc.  Assignments can be found by clicking the assignments tab. Sometimes answers to the extensions will be posted or given to students. The answer is not nearly as important as the process when practicing. Failure to provided adequate work will result in no credit. While a student is welcome to come to tutoring for extension help, I cannot help what the student has not tried. We don't know what we don't know until we try. 




    This year's textbooks are consumable, which means the students can write in them and tear pages of from them. There is also an online textbook which includes videos and additional practice.

    Students will receive their personal log-in within the first weeks of school.



    Composition Book


    Notebook paper

    Deck of playing cards (for home)


    BOK-Book of Knowledge (interactive composition book)

    All students MUST have a composition notebook to be used as their BOK. Student's BOK will house their notes and some assignments. For more information see the BOK contract which your student will bring home the first week of school and then glue into their BOK. BOKs will be kept in class for the first few weeks then the student will keep it with them and are responsible for having it daily.


    Students are always welcome to attend tutoring to review and extend their knowledge. It is EXTREMELY important that the student has tried the assignment before they attend tutoring and has questions prepared.

    Tutoring times: Pending

    Additional times may be available upon request.




    I look forward to being partners in your student's education. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, and/or praises.

    Ms. Robins